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The ice has been continuously falling off of the trees onto the crusted snowpack which currently at a depth of at least 12 inches. It's been so cold and snowy that I haven't seen grass since Christmas. Over the last week, day and night, the sounds of cracking, falling and breaking ice have echoed throughout southeastern Pennsylvania. With over 1/2" of ice accumulating last Tuesday Night and Wednesday Morning it's made for some tremendous photo ops. I wanted to share this timelapse movie I shot last night of the moon setting behind the trees. The Audio is from only a 40 second clip. With over 750,0000 in the dark including 90% of my county, it's been a rough week. The tree damage is worst than from Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. Just remember to respect the snow, and fear the ice.

Falling Ice from Winter Storm "Maximus"Cripple Ice Storm Dumps .6" of ice on top of 12" of wet snow. Seven days later the ice is still falling and the sounds have been spectacular. see for yourself!

Have a safe winter everyone!








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