LOCATION      Death Valley NP 

DATE             1.19.19  - 1.22.19

INVESTMENT        $1,275.00

LIMIT                   7

ACTIVITY LEVEL    Easy / Some Hiking

DURATION        4 days / 3 nights





Death Valley is a recognized International Dark Sky Park located in the remote area of eastern California about 100 miles west of Las Vegas, NV. We will enjoy several days and nights photographing one of the most stunning places on Earth. During our stay, we will experience and photograph the Great Total Lunar Eclipse of 2019. You will also learn where and when to look for the milky way during in month of the year! We shoot from at least 5 separate locations at night with in depth discussion on composition, light painting, post processing your images and much more. Critiques are available even after the workshop is over.

In order to have a Total Lunar Eclipse you need to have a Full Moon. That means this will diminish the amount of stars we see at night but don't worry, there will still be plenty of stars for our star trails. The Moon is a valuable tool to illuminate the landscape and it will also gives you a better understanding of how to shoot at night in various lighting conditions.  The nights following the Lunar Eclipse will allow the moon to rise later giving us some some darker skies to play around with!

The slideshow above consists of images taken in Death Valley as well as other locations where I have photographed Lunar Eclipses. Due to the time of year and the Moon phase, the main core of the milky way will not be seen during this workshop, but do not let that deter you! In addition to learning how to photography the milky way, you will learn where to look for it and when to look for it!  When the Moon is fully eclipsed expect to see thousands of stars, almost as if there was no Moon at all. The Moon will be passing by the other arms of the milky way during the eclipse which has me very excited! During maximum eclipse, expect to see thousand of stars clustered around the Moon and covering the sky, it will be an incredible sight to see none the less. It will be years before another Total Lunar Eclipse graces the landscape in Death Valley,


  • Commercial Permit Fees
  • Total Lunar Eclipse information
  • Total Lunar Eclipse Observation and Photography for the duration of the eclipse at one amazing location inside Death Valley NP
  • Processing your Eclipse Photos and creating panoramas
  • Star trails and light painting techniques, Sunset and Sunrise Shoots
  • Several shooting locations, each night will have different locations
  • How to plan your shot and where to look for the Milky Way Tutorial
  • Understanding shutter speed, f/stop, ISO, white balance and other custom settings
  • Best Filters for Landscape Photography
  • How to illuminate a scene for timelapse photography and how to focus at night
  • Post Processing of our images
  • Maps of where you can find the milky way in the sky every month. Some months you can't even see the brightest part of it so,  yes, it moves around a bit and you will know where and when to look at any time during the year.
  • Breakfast Buffet every morning at Furnace Creek
  • Water and snacks every day
  • Online Video Tutorials on Star Trails, Timelapse Photography and Meteor Showers and Eclipse



Death Valley is the driest place in the US, but winter months bring some of the only rain of the year. Conditions are usually always clear and comfortable this time of year, I have been here in early march with 110f weather. The temps will not be that hot in January. Day time is typically in the 60's with nights in the 40's.




There are a few options for sleeping arrangements. There are a few rooms in Furnace Creek Resort and a few room in Stovepipe wells for you to enjoy. If you wish to camp there are plenty of campsites at Furnace Creek and some rustic sites at Stovepipe wells. If you camp, I would prefer Furnace Creek Campground at $20/night. Stovepipe Wells camping is $12/night. Please make your reservations in advance. I will be camping for the entire workshops... I just love it!

YELLOWSTONE LODGE AND OLD FAITHFULSuper Blood Moon Eclipse | September 2015


If you will be flying in for this workshop the best airport is Las Vegas, NV. Death Valley is a quick 2 hour drive west from the Las Vegas Airport.




A full list of camera gear will be supplied to upon registering, the basics are a DSLR camera, wide angle lens, a tripod and a cable release. This info can also be found in the "Workshop Overview" section of the website Simply click the "Workshops" drop down Tab and select "Workshop Overview"



 If you are a JBP Alumni you receive 20% OFF the ticket price. If for some reason you need to cancel, you will be credited that amount towards a future workshop with us.  A deposit option may also be available on this workshop, the deposit will be rough 1/2 (half) of the workshop investment. The remaining balance is due no later than October 15th, 2018.



Jeff Berkes Photography reserves the right to make changes to the schedule, dates if need be. We are not responsible for bad weather, delays or cancellations. We are also not responsible for lost or stolen items, injuries, sickness, death or damages to personal equipment and lost of personal travel expense. Failure to comply to park rules, regulations and will result in you being ejected from the workshop.



This workshop does not include travel to, from and during the workshop, meals or overnight accommodations.

For more information or to register below or contact us here at [email protected]

Kind Regards,

Jeff Berkes



2019 Death Valley Lunar Eclipse



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