LOCATION     Madeline Island,  Wisconsin

DATE           August 30th - September 3, 2021

INVESTMENT       $1,595.00

LIMIT             Spots Available!  


DURATION       5 Days / 4 Nights

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The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore consists of a stretch of shoreline and 22 islands in the southwestern portion of Lake Superior at the tip of northern Wisconsin.  We will be based out of Madeline Island for the duration of this adventure.  I am extremely honored to be working with the Madeline Island School of Arts (MISA) to conduct this workshop in this magical location. MISA also has lodging options on site making this very convenient, and it allows us flexibility,  tons of time together, and plenty of shooting opportunities on Madeline Island.  This 5 day, 4 night workshop is a highlight in 2021!

I am beyond excited to explore this “Hidden Gem” in the National Park Service with you, while helping you learn to master the art of night sky photography. Our workshop dates have been carefully selected for many reasons including moon phases, meteor showers,  rise and set times, weather, temperatures, geographical location and current space weather events. We will be in the northern US where the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are often seen close to the autumn and spring equinoxes. This workshop has great potential for many amazing photo opportunities, you simply do not want to miss out! We may see some dew forming at night, so purchasing a dew heater, or bringing some hand / foot warmers with you to this workshop can prevent dew from forming on our lens if the conditions are good for a dewy night.

Most of the shooting will be done on Madeline Island, which has plenty of interesting areas for night sky photography. We will also take a boat ride out one afternoon to Devils Island.  We will photograph two lighthouses on our way to the Devils Island sea caves at sunset, and then get dropped off  on an island for an overnight shoot. (We will select the best night that week for the boat ride).  Not only will we learn how to capture the milky way, star trails, panoramas, time-Lapse video, and meteor showers, we will also have plenty of time to cover the post processing workflow and techniques used to finalize your images in our classroom at the school.

One of the most important things to think about is how you will process your images after you create them. Processing your images is a very important part of night sky photography. We will spend time each day to go over processing techniques in Adobe Lightroom and in Adobe CC. 

This workshop will leave you with a better understanding of the night sky, your camera, your computer and yourself, not to mention some new friends. I look forward to experiencing the endless possibilities of night sky photography in the Apostle Islands with you in August 2021. It's going to be the trip of a lifetime and I can not wait to share it with you!


- Milky way photography every night  (weather permitting) 
- Light painting techniques and demonstrations
- Time-lapse photography / star trail photography
- How to illuminate a scene for time-lapse photography at night
- How to photograph night sky panoramas
- How to focus at night
- How to find the milky way all year long
- Multiple shooting locations
- Full day post production work in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe CC
- Daily critiques on our images
- Commercial permits
- Boat ride to Devils Island Sunset Sea Cave Shoot
- Boat ride to an overnight shoot on one of the other Apostle Islands 
- Online video tutorials on how to process your images, star trails, time lapse and panoramas
- Sunset and sunrise photo shoots
- Maps and PDF packets on camera settings and tips on Night Sky Photography
- Big Bay State Park night sky shoots and other scenic areas on Madeline Island



Lodging is available at the Madeline Island School of Arts.


A full list of camera gear will be supplied to upon registering, the basics are a DSLR camera , wide/fast angle lens, a tripod and a cable release. Most gear that is used can be found on the workshop overview page.



The northern lights love the equinoxes and in 2021, the autumn equinox will be on 9/22/21. Being so close to the equinox will give us a better chance at seeing the auroras. It's not a given, but our chances are much higher than normal. Northern lights were visible here the same week in 2018 and in 2019, maybe 2021 will be even better?! The northern lights were magnificent in September 2019 , and were visible a few nights up in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. There was 3 nights of aurora potential and it delivered for us. For our third night there (Wednesday)  we will take a boat ride out from Madeline Island around 3:30pm to Devils Island where we will photograph the Sea Caves at sunset and spend most of the  night on one of the Apostle Islands (yet to be determined) before returning back to Madeline Island early Thursday morning around 4:00am. The Apostle Islands have some seriously dark skies for night sky photography and we will have the rare chance to have an island all to ourselves,  I can’t wait!!  If the weather does not look good for the boat Wednesday, the boat ride out will be rescheduled for the best day that week. 



In the spring as you might know. the milky way rises in April around 1:00 am and around midnight by May. That means no waiting around for us once the Sun sets. In September, the milky way is already visible by 8:00pm! Most nights we will end shooting by 1:00am - 2:00am(depending on weather) except for our overnight shoot on Wednesday night.


The moon phase will be approaching the “New Moon” Phase.  The moon will not affect our shots of the milky way at any time. Even with the moon rising close to sunrise, it is not bright enough to wash out the milky way at any point. 


During the day we will have time to recharge our inner batteries as well as our camera batteries. We will also have time to edit our images and scout our locations for the night shoots that night. Thursday is scheduled to have an editing session for the entire afternoon where we will review, critique and edit down our favorites before heading out for our final night shoot Thursday evening.



Jeff Berkes Photography reserves the right to make changes to the schedule, dates if need be. We are not responsible for bad weather, delays or cancellations. We are also not responsible for lost or stolen items, injuries, sickness, death or damages to personal equipment and lost of personal travel expense. Failure to comply to park rules, regulations and will result in you being ejected from the workshop.

I am running this workshop through the Madeline Island School of Arts.

This workshop does not include travel to, from and during the workshop.