LOCATION    MISA West Tucson Campus, AZ

DATE     January 30th - February 4th, 2022 

INVESTMENT       $1,695.00


DURATION       6 Days / 5 Nights




Master the art of desert night sky photography with  internationally recognized Jeff Berkes at our MISA West Tucson campus on the Tanque Verde Ranch.  

There are endless photographic opportunities throughout this five-day workshop which is located in the beautiful Rincon Mountains of Southern Arizona adjacent to the painted landscape of the Saguaro National Park.

A mid-week highlight will be a private visit to Mt. Lemmon Observatory (11:00PM-5:00AM). Students will have a once in a lifetime astrophotography experience. On-site operators will assist linking cameras to their 32” Schulman Telescope to capture images of astronomical wonders in the Universe–– planets, galaxies and nebulae. Bring warm clothes because there will also be outdoor shooting at this 9,500 foot summit. Transportation in mountain vans to and from the summit along with late evening/early morning refreshments and snacks will be provided.

The Ranch campus combines the spirit of the Old West with today’s modern amenities. Click away at the galloping hooves of 180 horses running through clouds of dust. Savor their Southwestern cuisine in the Great Room or at the outdoor Cowboy Barbeque. These unique moments will give you endless opportunities for inspiration.


Other magical photo locations included in this workshop:  

  • A once in a lifetime trip up to the Mount Lemmon Sky Center to capture our universe in rare fashion
  • Night sky photography from the Ranch's historic Homestead atop the Rincon Mountains
  • The rolling hills and desert landscape of Saguaro National Park during the day and at night
  • A trip down memory lane to the Old Wild West at Tucson's Old Town where cowboy and cowgirl fantasies will come to life
  • Sonora Desert Museum and the Tucson Botanical Garden offering endless wildlife and diverse flora photo opportunities
  • Unique imagery at the Pima Air and Space Museum and some other special places!!


Saguaro National Park

Most of the shooting will be done in, and around Saguaro National Park and the Tanque Verde Ranch, with the exception of our night with the scopes at Mount Lemmon! So, if you want to add Saguaro Cactus and desert scenery to your night sky photography, add new and unique locations to your portfolio, and experience the sights, sounds, and smell or the desert southwest, this is the place for you. One of the most important things to think about when shooting is how you will process your images after you create them. Processing your images is a very important part of night sky photography. We will spend time to go over processing techniques in Adobe Lightroom and in Adobe CC.  Learning how to shoot with processing in mind is a major part of photography, you need to get your exposures right at night, we do not use photoshop as a crutch here, but it is a very helpful tool.

GEMINID METEOR AND ORION | 2020GEMINID METEOR AND ORION | 2020Barnard’s loop, the rosette nebula, the witches head nebula, running man and m42, and the horse head with a Geminid Meteor. December 13th, 2020

This workshop will leave you with a better understanding of the night sky, your camera, your computer, and yourself, not to mention making some new friends along the way. I look forward to experiencing the endless possibilities of night sky photography in Arizona with you in February 2021. It's going to be the trip of a lifetime and I can not wait to share it with you!


Night Sky Photography each night
- Light painting techniques and demonstrations
- Time-lapse photography / star trail photography
- How to illuminate a scene for time-lapse photography at night
- How to photograph night sky panoramas
- How to focus at night
- How to find the milky way all year long
- Multiple shooting locations (Saguaro, Tanque Verde Ranch, Mount Lemmon Observatory and more!
- Full day post production work in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe CC
- Daily critiques on our images
- Commercial permits
- Online video tutorials on how to process your images, star trails, timelapse and panoramas
- Sunset and sunrise photo shoots
- Maps and PDF packets on camera settings and tips on Night Sky Photography




A full list of camera gear will be supplied to upon registering, the basics are a DSLR camera , wide/fast angle lens, a tripod and a cable release. Most gear that is used can be found on the workshop overview page!




Can we see the milky way in February? The answer is yes! We will have some time each morning before sunrise to capture the milky way in horizontal fashion low in the eastern skies before dawn. I love this time of year because we can capture the milky way beautiful arching over the landscapes.


The moon phase will be approaching the “New Moon” Phase.  The moon will not affect our shots of the milky way at any time. Even a slender crescent moon is not powerful enough to wash out the milky way. It can be quite beautiful.



During the day we will have time to recharge our inner batteries as well as our camera batteries. We will also have time to edit our images and scout our locations for the night shoots that night. We also have lots of optional photo assignments there at the Ranch!  The current schedule for Mt. Lemmon is Wednesday night. We can also have an option to travel a bit one day to photograph a ghost town and the superstition mountains.



Visit the link at the bottom to make your deposit or payments.



Jeff Berkes Photography reserves the right to make changes to the schedule, dates if need be. We are not responsible for bad weather, delays or cancellations. We are also not responsible for lost or stolen items, injuries, sickness, death or damages to personal equipment and lost of personal travel expense. Failure to comply to park rules, regulations and will result in you being ejected from the workshop.


I am running this workshop with the Madeline Island School of Arts , MISA West, my Jeff Berkes Photography "20 % Alumni Discount" will not be accepted here, workshops credit with me can not be applied to this workshop. I am sorry for any issue this may cause.

This workshop does not include travel to and from the workshop. Travel is included during the workshop to Mount Lemmon.