LOCATION     Assateague Island Nat'l Seashore

DATE              November 18th - 20th, 2022

INVESTMENT       $750.00 /  $600.00

LIMIT           6 of 6 spots remaining 


DURATION       2 Nights




This workshop will teach you everything you need to know about how to take great photographs of the milky way, stars and meteor showers. We will also cover star trails,  timelapse photography and light painting. The workshop will start before sunset both nights where we will will learn how to set and use the star trackers. My very first attempt at setting up a star tracker took me about 30 minutes, now it takes me about 5 minutes once I figure out all of the ins and outs.

We will have a nearly new moon for the entire workshop and we will take advantage of those crisp and clear low humidity late fall nights. You may wonder what the benefits of star trackers are? They have many uses that include wide angle astrophotography, eclipse photography, galaxy and nebula photography, comet photography and even motion timelapse features. The star trackers move with the stars, so long exposures of 5 minutes reveal minimal noise and zero star trail movement... even with a 200mm lens attached! 

You do not need a star tracker to attend this workshop. I will have 2 star trackers for everyone to hook up to and image object like orion, the pleiades, andromeda and may other interesting night sky object. We will also be working with light painting winter scenes at night without the trackers, so you will get 2 nights of many different subjects.  this is a great workshop that can really get you dialed in the the two (2) total lunar eclipses this year. The first in May 2022 and the second in November 2022.


The image below is a 4 minute long picture of the constellation Orion over Assateague Island in December 2020. A meteor photobombed this image as well!

GEMINID METEOR AND ORION | 2020GEMINID METEOR AND ORION | 2020Barnard’s loop, the rosette nebula, the witches head nebula, running man and m42, and the horse head with a Geminid Meteor. December 13th, 2020


  • Commercial Permit Fees               
  • Multiple  shooting locations
  •  Star Trail, Meteor Shower Photography, timelapse +  light painting techniques
  • Understanding shutter speed, f/stop, ISO, white balance and other custom settings
  • How to capture meteors / shooting stars
  • How to set up a use a star tracker
  • star trackers provided for you to capture awesome deep space images
  • Learn about the phases of the moon, planets, constellations, eclipses and more!
  • How to illuminate a scene for timelapse photography
  • Demonstrate and shoot time-lapse photography
  • A campfire on the beach at night    
  • Capture long exposure, low ISO images of the night sky 
  • FREE Online Video Tutorials for processing your photographs, panoramas, strail trails, timelapses and more!


Pictured Below:  Star trackers can come in good use year round for capturing a variety of subjects including the milky way.  Below us a high res image of the milky way core with a perseid meteor streaking through the frame. This was taken at 400 ISO with a exposure of 3 minutes! 



Lodging can be found near Ocean City, Maryland or by camping at Assateague.. Reservations book far in advance. You can also car camp in the overflow parking lot. I have done it several times and it's quite relaxing too!


A full list of camera gear will be supplied to upon registering, the basics are a DSLR camera , wide/fast angle lens, a tripod and a cable release. Most gear that is used can be found on the workshop overview page.


Pictured Below is a single exposure of the Orion Nebula with the Nikon D850 and a Nikon 200mm-500mm lens on the star tracker



A non-refundable deposit is due to reserve your spot on the trip.If you are a JBP Alumni you receive 20% OFF the ticket price. If you have to cancel for any reason, you will be issued the amount paid towards a future workshop, no cash refunds once the payment has been accepted.  Transaction fees / service fees are included in the price.



We will be near the "new moon" phase which means we will have no interference from moon light during this workshop!


Pictured Below: COMET NEOWISE single exposure of 2 minutes on the trackers with the Nikon D850 and Nikon 200mm lens.


Jeff Berkes Photography reserves the right to make changes to the schedule, dates if need be. We are not responsible for bad weather, delays or cancellations. We are also not responsible for lost or stolen items, injuries, sickness, death or damages to personal equipment and lost of personal travel expense. Failure to comply to park rules, regulations and will result in you being ejected from the workshop.

Pictured Below: The Andromeda Galaxy at 200mm. Single Exposure at ISO 400

Pictured Below: November 2022 Lunar Eclipse witht he Pleiades star cluster @ 400mm


For more information or to register please contacts us here at [email protected]



2022 Maryland Astro Tracker Photo Workshop

WORKSHOP ALUMNI: Receive 20% OFF the price listed above