The Northern Lights, Meteor Showers, Tornadic Thunderstorms, Lightning Bolts, Lighthouses, Thundersnow, Vibrant Fall Colors, Solar and Lunar Eclipses including the Super Blood Moon Eclipsed with Old Faithful Erupting, and the Total Solar Eclipse over Oregon are just a few of the incredible things we have experienced and captured recently during these workshops. Next year in 2024, we will have more of the same with a Total Solar Eclipse, Northern Lights, and Plenty of dark skies to have fun under.


These multi-day workshops help you master The Art of Night Sky Photography, and your camera, it's functions, settings, and how to plan out your shoots. Some workshops are strictly night sky and some are a combination of day time shooting and night sky shooting. Please view the workshop overview page for some more information about these workshops. Even the "night sky workshops" still have a sunset / sunrise component to them to maximize our photographic potential.


We have $250.00, $500.00, $750.00 and $1,000.00 , #1,500.00 Gift Certificates available. If you wish to purchase a Gift Certificate for a higher amount or would like to pay by check, please contact us here. These certificates are good for eternity! They can be used on any workshop, including private workshops. 




When purchasing your Gift Certificate, you will be emailed the Gift Certificate good towards any workshop run solely by Jeff Berkes Photography. Please contact us when you would like to redeem your certificate! Looking forward to seeing you out in the field soon!