There has been lots of coverage on this topic in the media in recent weeks as the virus reaches the US. These workshops are conducted all over the US and traveling by plane is our main method to get there, although some people live near our workshop destinations. I will continue to monitor the statistics and developments in the areas where workshops will be conducted. A workshop can and will be reschedule if need be, it's for the safety of everyone involved and we will be taking the CDC precautions seriously until further notice.

These workshop are built to learn in amazing locations and in the most enjoyable atmosphere, this can not happen right now for me or for anyone. It is uncertain how thing will play out here in the coming months. I am also very optimistic, I think every artist is in some way. Positivity breeds more positivity, and my hopes are high that this pandemic will slow and resolve itself in the coming weeks or months. 

The Death Valley Milky Way Madness Workshop in March 2020 has been postponed, and future dates are set so that these photographers can fit back in to the 2020/2021 schedules. I was very pleased that everyone was able to reschedule for one of the make ups later in the year and the Spring of 2021.



We will follow the suggestions of the CDC, with 6 feet apart. You are required to have a mask with you for close contact with each other. We do not supply masks, to minimize the touching of objects  If you are sick, or have been exposed to someone who is sick, or tested positive, then you must let us know and reschedule for a future workshop. Workshops credit is always available to anyone who misses a workshop, regardless of the reason why that would be.

I have created some video tutorials online which you will receive prior to the workshop (via link in email). It will help you go over some things that I teach during the workshop, including camera settings, how to focus at night, and other tips for star trails and timelapse photography. This may be more beneficial to everyone, since you can practice this before we meet up.

The nice things is that beaches are big, and we have lots of locations that have space. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask.



The policy has always been that once a payment has been submitted,  there are no cash refunds, that still applies here moving forward.  If you choose to withdraw yourself from a workshop, or a workshops needs to be rescheduled for any reason, you will receive workshop credit in the amount paid towards a future workshop with us. The last thing we all do not want to see is a workshop postponed.  We will update you as new developments happen, keep your fingers crossed and your hands washed!

I am currently working on changing the entire 2021 Workshop Schedule that was created this past September 2019. The plan as of now is to transplant the workshops, and possibly add more dates if need be to create make up opportunities for those already signed up for workshops. We are in unfamiliar waters, and we will proceed with caution, and make  adjustments to have safe, enjoyable workshops like we have always done in the past. After, 12 years of workshops, Death Valley 2020 was the  first multi- day workshop that needed to be reschedule.



Mitigation plans are required for many of the parks that we work in. Mitigation plans have been submitted, and accepted by all locations that our workshops are taking place in. Safety has always been our #1 priority and that will not change since COVID has become an issue. Masks masks are available to anyone who needs one and hand sanitizer is also available during all workshops.



Please contact to review to receive our entire mitigation plan packet.