M I S S I O N  : E A R T H  A N D  S K Y






Jeff Berkes is a Landscape Astrophotographer and Extreme Storm Chaser based out of Philadlephia, PA. His stunning images of the night sky  have captivated an audience that spans the globe. His images are frequently used by NASA, National Geographic, NBC, MSNBC, Space.com and may others. Most recently  featured in TIME Magazines Annual 2014 "2013 Year in Review" as a 2 page spread intro to the "Life" section and the back cover. His endless dream to witness the perfect moment and capture the perfect "Earth Shot" has led him directly into some of the most beautiful and also most dangerous places in America, and he loves it! Documenting Earth's most violent weather and night sky isn't only a job for him, it's a love and passion that keeps him running like a feight train with no stops in sight. He strongly believes that one photograph can change the world, and until he discovers it,  he will never stop.

Our stars are fading, night is turning into an endless sunset and we need to stop it before we loose the symbols of our dreams. Those tiny sparkling lights in the night sky are so much than just a speck in space. We wish on stars, confess our dreams and wishes to them in hopes of having them come true, we believe in them, trusted in them  as maps to navigate the globe. Stars are the root of our existence and now we destroying our ability to view them from our own planet. My mission entails documenting light pollution across the globe for an undetermined period of time.



                    PROJECT 1: Preserve and Protect our Night Sky                                             PROJECT 2: Extreme Weather Study

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