Replacing Images on the website

April 18, 2020  •  29 Comments

Since I have been home under quarantine the last 5 weeks and have another month to go. I have been doing some updating on the website, making video tutorials and catching up on things that I normally do not have time to do.

Check out the galleries for new images! I will be updating them over the next 4 weeks! Thanks so much!


Here are just a few samples!

LAKE OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTSLAKE OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTSNorthern Lights over a rural lake in northern Minnesota. September 2019. This night was also their first frost of the year which made for some nice steam coming off the lake late at night. ONE WITH THE STARSONE WITH THE STARSArches national Park, Utah YOSEMITE VALLEY MILKY WAYYOSEMITE VALLEY MILKY WAY ARCHES NATIONAL PARKARCHES NATIONAL PARK LYRID METEOR SHOWER | APRIL 2020LYRID METEOR SHOWER | APRIL 2020


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