During the Night Sky and Meteor Shower adventure's, we will not only learn how to take stunning imagery at night, but we will learn about the night sky , the milky way, meteor showers, moon phases, and all of the other variables in play when it comes down to shooting the night sky through out the year. These night sky workshops open you into a whole new world of fun and excitement. Jeff has over 20 years of night sky photography experience as is considered one of the original landscape astrophotographers by some. These workshops will generally last all night long, from sunset to sunrise, focusing on our approach, light painting techniques, star trails, timelapse and much more.  During the day we will  relax, explore, edit our images, and prepare for sunset and the follow night session. Some workshops may have a more even balance of sweet light shooting as well as night sky shooting. 

Starting in 2017, I made online video tutorials on how to process your night sky photos. That includes creating star trails, stitching panoramas, timelapse videos, and post processing tips available for workshop alumni only. Upon registering, you will receive a link to these videos which will also help you prepare for your experience in the field as well as processing your images well after the workshop. Videos will be added as requests come in.


# of Outdoor Workshops                   # of Studio Workshops      Total # of Participants
97 30+  950+



If you would like first notification when a workshop goes up, please send an email to [email protected] and let us know which workshop you are interested in! We will contact as soon as it goes LIVE on the website. Thanks so much for your interest!