June 30, 2015  •  157 Comments

Today was quite an insane day. A few storms developed south of the warm front in SE Pennsylvania and ignited some storms across York, Lancaster and Chester Counties in PA. This one particular storm was headed right for me with clear rotation and there was no severe thunderstorm warning or anything associated with it.

The above photo is the SuperRes Velocity screen capture of the storm entering Chester County, PA . No T-Storm or Tornado Warning but the storm is already rotating.

The Supercell is now 2 miles from me with a clear couplet signature due West of my position. The picture (below) is from ground View.

BELOW is the video of the Tornadic Storm spinning out of control! The funnel literally went directly over my head! Watch the video!

Tornadic Storm Unleashes Funnel Cloud Over My Head

Here are some other shots taken with my phone as the storm rolled in.


Some incredible weather and the 5th Tornado Warning in the last 7 days.


Stay Safe Out there!


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